why public finance reddit?

Publicfinanceinvestor.com is the go-to place for learning about the public finance space. Congrats on doing your DD and deciding to pursue PFI as a career! This wso is here to help you get started down that path. The pages of this wso are designed in the same format as a Careers R Us WSO, but with some differences (see below). You don’t need to worry about formatting quite so much as you do with a traditional wso.

Public Finance is where you can grow as a professional, engage with your peers, and find career opportunities in private equity, corporate finance, and beyond. Do not miss this unique opportunity to join a tight knit group of young professionals. Sign up through WSO today.

Why Public Finance? One of the more common questions we get from our readers is “Why do you focus so heavily on public finance?” The reason is simple: the best career opportunities are in public finance. As Warren Buffett has said, “It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.” After reviewing tens of thousands of finance resumes, we’ve noticed a trend: those who invested the most time on public finance receive more call backs from investment banks, consulting firms, and private equity funds.

Why Public Finance? As we have seen from the financial crisis, the way we have financed public assets and infrastructure has had a significant impact on the performance of the financial sector. In this market, even more so than others, macroprudential regulation can be a powerful tool in restricting leverage across the board. It is also worth noting that there are now many alternatives to public debt financing that are available for sovereigns to use. This includes the contemporary issuance of covered bonds and securitization which can provide governments with a more flexible and creative range of funding options. We have also seen public-private partnerships become an important source of financing for infrastructure projects, as well as many other asset classes.

The reddit finance community discusses investment strategies, personal finance, financial planning, money management and financial markets news. The public finance community discusses public and municipal bond investments, the comparison of private versus public financing, term structure and interest rate fluctuations. Through the comparison of finance topics you can learn how to utilize sources and tools that help you understand the contrast between public and corporate finance.

This sub is dedicated to discussing topics in Public Finance. Please adhere to redditquette and keep discussions professional.

I’m a finance newbie, so I have a limited knowledge in the area, just started preparing for the exam recently. But there’re some questions I can’t find answers to, which are quite important as they are related to my career. This sub is really perfect with experienced members share their insights and help out newcomers like me.

This subreddit is for discussion of public finance from both a global and domestic perspective, as well as issues that affect the practice of public finance.

Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share your interests. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular.

why public finance reddit? A place for information on careers in public finance and how to get there, and a forum for sharing general career information, doubts and concerns.

why public finance reddit? Whether it’s the compelling and controversial opinions or not-so-serious headlines from the Reddit Public Finance community, everyone has a contribution to make. Don’t be shy; join in on Reddit Public Finance discussions today!

williewonka42 created this sub because none of the other subs seemed to cover what he was looking for. He wanted to understand “public finance” at a much deeper level than simply reading articles and news. This is the philosophy behind r/publicfinance and is embedded in our rules and guidelines. Specifically, rule

My name is John Doe (CEO and Founder of xyz Bank) and I am excited to announce the launch of xyz Bank’s Public Finance division for small to medium sized municipalities.

Public finance jobs are available across a broad spectrum of sectors from government to large corporations. With over 20 years of experience and more than 100 professionals, we can help you find your own Personalized Career Path in public finance.

Public finance reddit is dedicated to the discussion of public finance, its intersection with policy, and current events. Our goal is to have a place where we can have respectful debates about the issues facing our society today, as well as share links discussing these topics. If you’re interested in contributing to this sub, please message the moderators with something along the lines of “I want to help contribute to /r/publicfinance”. In order to protect the sub from spam, all new users will be subjected to mod approval.

This subreddit is for general discussion on public finance. This is not a subreddit for posting resumes, recruitment, or job postings. Posting content that is off topic will be removed without notice by the mods.

This subreddit is for people looking to learn about public finance. You can post/read articles/tutorials, as well as post questions you might have.

This subreddit is intended as a forum to discuss public finance and its surrounding issues, including the municipal bond market, financial management, news about relevant events that affect the industry, and related industry topics.

This subreddit is focused on information related to public finance. Links to external sites with public finance information not directly and primarily related to US municipal or state governments, their finances, and/or instruments are allowed. Additional information about the purpose and scope of this subreddit can be found in the FAQ.

Why Public Finance?

Public finance is a subsection of economics, which analyzes issues pertaining to government revenues, spending and the state of the public sector’s finances. Public finance wso shows the study and management of how public sector funds are raised and spent. One important source of revenue for some states is tariffs or import taxes, although this has declined dramatically with the advent of free trade agreements.

Why _Public Finance? Because it is the best finance sub. Share your stories about what you do or want to do, get feedback and network with other public financiers.

PublicFinanceSub is a community for anyone interested in the public sector and related organisations. We go beyond finance and accountancy, to discuss management, strategy, policy, regulation, IT and innovation. We share market information between local government, utilities and housing associations among others.

Publicfinance is the usenet and reddit community for those who work in public finance — folks like investment bankers, fund managers, and government officials. Our subreddit is meant to be a place for like-minded people to discuss the industry.

Hi, I missed the reddit public finance thread, and wanted to share my thoughts on this subject. Writing an analytical paper and discussing the future of a field that I am passionate about.

publicfinancereddit is the place to gain and share knowledge. All are welcome and encouraged to post and discuss, but please take time to read and digest the material before responding. There are a number of areas within this community that are considered “high stakes” – if you are unfamiliar with the topics or subject matter, please refrain from commenting. While this community has zero tolerance for abuse, we value openness and free speech – if you disagree with someone or something please reply politely and set the topic straight!

Publicfinance is a community for people studying and working in the public finance field. The community consists of a private reddit forum, a Twitter page, and a Facebook page.

Most of the interest generated by this site is on the r/publicfinance subreddit.

Public Finance is a place for discussing all topics related to public finance: investing in, creating, or advising a public sector unit. We will be providing service, ideas and tools for those looking to get started in public finance: starting a career, seeking funding for a project or business idea, or just browsing for something interesting to read. We will not be discussing sovereign bonds or anything that would fit better in other subreddits such as Economics or FinancialAnalysis

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why public finance reddit? Public Finance wso are taking over the world.

why public finance wso?

why public finance reddit? The subreddit r/PublicFinance is for discussions about everything dealing with public finance. From your questions about government spending to hot topics of the day, or debates over tax policy changes, post your ideas!

The goal of Why Public Finance is to provide entertaining, relevant and informative information related to the public financing industry; to be a hub for all things public finance. We are interested in your experience in the public financing industry whether it is a side gig that makes a few dollars here and there or the main source of income supporting your family.

This subreddit is full of insightful questions, answers, and discussions about public finance and its related topics. Unlike other subreddits focused on the field, this one aims to make all relevant information easily accessible and understandable. Subscribe to gain access to a wide range of information from pay to investment banking interview preparation.

public_finance is a community-based subreddit where users can discuss public finance news, jobs, events, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. The mission of the /r/public_finance team is to provide a space for the greater level of public financial professionals and those that are just interested but not working in the industry to be able to get together and engage in good discussions, and eventually find information they may have been searching for. We welcome all interested parties here!

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’ve been writing on Reddit for the last year and a half, but am fairly young and don’t have a ton of experience. I’ve posted some of my work on /r/publicfinance and would like to gain some more experience doing so. I’m really interested in public finance as a whole, whether that be CP/Muni or MM/PE or even involved with the reality show Shark Tank.

I’ve noticed that Reddit has /r/publicfinance, but I haven’t seen it discussed much in other finance subs, so I figured that it would be a good idea to start a discussion on it here.

Reddit Public Finance is the subreddit for public finance and public policy, created by and for those working in the field of public service. We’re a growing but very community-oriented group of like minded professionals. Anyone, regardless of political affiliation is welcome. If you’re eager to understand the intricate details behind lawmaking, taxation, institutional finance, government grants or anything else involving public finance: you have come to the right place!

This subreddit is dedicated to the field of public finance. Jobs, study material, interesting news around the web: if it concerns public finance we’re interested in it! If you’re looking to learn more about Public Finance, check out the tabs above before submitting articles.

Steve and Dmitry, the creators of this Subreddit, both worked in public finance prior to leaving to pursue private equity careers. Having both gained a lot of experience in mainstream and alternative asset classes, they truly believe that the best way to succeed as an investor is by aligning your personal interests with that of your investors.

There are many reasons for anyone to be interested in, debate about and write about public finance. The first group of people who are involved with public finance are economists, who study the public finance principles. They are the ones that develop the basic theories and principles, such as population and labor growth, inflation or economic stability. In order to do that they use a variety of methods such as modeling and mathematical techniques.

Why? Public finance Reddit is one of the more active subreddits for people interested in public finance. Whether you want to discuss the latest news or ask questions about career opportunities, this is a good place to start!

why public finance? The world has changed a lot, and recently, it has not been for the better. One of the reasons is the breakdown of trust in public institutions and officials. Public finance helps with that. We provide a platform for open discussion about public policies and budgeting. Think of us as a forum for government workers, journalists, wsoers, other students, professors and anybody interested in the subject matter.

Why Public Finance?

Hi, I’m a first year analyst at a top investment bank in NYC. I’ve applied to some jobs at PE firms and am curious if people think these are worth working for? Public Finance is less quantitative but more appealing to me than the Analyst side of Wells Fargo. EDHEC and CGPE have the same kind of compensation scheme as PE firms based on deal underwritings but they’re not PE firms. Anyway, public finance was never mentioned to me coming into UChicago and I’m curious what everyone thinks is worth doing with regards to career prospects.

Public finance Reddit discussion about public finance analysis and the public finance careers can be found on the Reddit social media platform. Public finance graduate students and professionals benefit from the posting of job leads, public finance news analysis, and other useful public finance information.

I created this subreddit to help people keep up with the public finance world, larger trends in the space, and learn from the mistakes of others by sharing info on exits, IB analyst jobs, etc.

publicfinance is a public forum for sharing and analyzing unsolicited, unconfidential phone call recordings, texts, emails, and/or other communications (collectively ‘communications’) between a specific subset of Wall Street employees and clients.

Public Finance Reddit is a website for users of Reddit to discuss the realities of public finance and its effects on our society.

Public finance is a diverse field with many different roles and responsibilities. From helping municipalities manage their unstructured financial liabilities using tools like bond issuance, to individuals who advise cities and counties on how to pay for city services with picturesque graphs drawn in excel, public finance offers a variety of roles. The purpose of this subreddit is to discuss the various types of public finance opportunities out there as well as provide insight into the day to day work of public finance professionals.

Public finance is the field of public economics dealing with the taxation, government spending, and debt management policies conducted by a country, state, municipality or other administrative jurisdiction. Public finance commonly refers here to the subset of public economics that studies how governments raise money through taxation and translate that money into goods and services. Reddit made up of open boards with top level comments. Each top level comment can have a thread of replies.

This subreddit is for people interested in the topic of public finance. Public Finance involves managing tax revenue, raising resources, and allocating them to meet public spending priorities. This subreddit is not a discussion forum; submissions will be moderated based on level of interest and relevance to the topic.

This subreddit is intended for public finance professionals, public sector workers, and anyone else that is interested in learning more about the field.


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